1. What size and style of envelope do you need?

Choose from a variety of sizes and formats. Popular sizes include:

DL Envelopes
C5 Envelopes
C4 Envelopes
Pocket and Wallet Envelopes


Boardback Envelopes

For items you don't wish to bend, crease or fold


Gusset Envelopes

Expandable envelopes, ideal for sending bulky items


Padded and bubble lined envelopes

Ideal for posting fragile items

If you need a tear-proof and water-resistant envelope, check out the Tyvek™ range of envelopes

2. What quality do you require?
Choose from 70gsm (lightweight) to 130gsm (heavyweight) papers. Heavyweight papers are stronger and when coupled with a smooth finish, help deliver the right first impression to the recipient.
3. Do you need a window?
Landscape Window envelope
Portrait Window envelope

Window envelopes are useful for bulk mailings, invoices and statements where the recipients address is automatically printed on the document. The size and position of the window is always described with the flat top up.

SIZE is measured HEIGHT first and WIDTH second (A x B).
POSITION is measured by the distance from the left-hand side (C) and up from the base (D).--
4. Choose the colour?

Most envelopes come in two colours;

White envelope
Manilla envelope
5. What type of seal?
Gummed envelope

Gummed (Gum)
Moisten flap to seal

Self-seal envelope

Self-seal (S/S)
Press for quick seal. Short shelf life.

Peel and seal envelope

Peel & Seal (P&S)
Remove strip to seal. Longer shelf life.

Power-Tac Peel and Seal envelope

Power-Tac Peel & Seal
Exceptionally strong and secure seal. Longer shelf life.

6. Choose the pack or box quantity of envelopes you require

For low volume users, smaller pack quantities are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


The size of the envelope affects the postal costs with Royal Mail, further information can be found at www.royalmail.com

Letter 240mm by 165mm max weight 100g

Letter 240mm by 165mm
Max weight 100g

Large Letter 250mm by 353mm max weight 750g

Large Letter 250mm by 353mm
Max weight 750g

Small Parcel 350mm by 450mm max weight 2kg

Small Parcel 350mm by 450mm
Max weight 2kg

EasyOpen logo
EasyOpen Information

Easy Open built-in tear strips allows the recipient to open the envelope quickly and easily without damaging contents.

Power-Tac logo
Peel and Seal Information

Peel & Seal envelopes with POWER-TAC adhesive for an exceptionally strong seal.

Selection of envelope supplier

If you have any questions concerning any of the above please phone Cardiff on 029 2022 5555 or Swansea on 01792 890530. Alternatively...